What real advantages are there to v3 compared to v2?

I eventually got a new PC, as the old one wouldn’t run version 3 of Cantabile which I’ve used for years. In comparing the two editions, v2 seems more flexible to me. I can have v2 change VST parameters over time, which is central to what I do. I can’t see this in v3.

Also a bit confusing about keyboards and inputs etc. I think also I can’t play audio in the lite version as an input to a VST?

Please don’t be offended Brad, but I think I’m sticking to the previous version. Is there an upgrade price to version 3? I realise these questions have probably been asked before.

Maybe I’m just stuck in my ways I don’t know, but VST automation is very important.


Thanks for asking about this. Yes, there are a few things for v2 that have not been carried over to v3.

It sounds like you’re talking about the Morph and Randomize tools from v2. This feature has been left out for the moment for a couple of reasons:

  • Its implementation is v2 can’t be automated from a controller and is heavily tied to the user interface
  • In that state, it’s not really suitable for live use - which is Cantabile’s primary purpose.

That said it is slated to be redone at some point but the entire feature will be re-designed and implemented in a more usable manner. See here.

All editions of Cantabile 3 (including Lite) support audio inputs but you need to use an ASIO driver. There’s currently no audio input support with WASAPI drivers. Please provide some more details if you can’t get it to work.

Of course not. Part of the reason the old versions are still available (and included if you purchase the retail versions) is that I fully acknowledge that some functionality from v2 has not been carried over to v3.

See here.


A big advantage for me is that v3 virtualizes the midi and audio ports. I have a big setlist - about 120 different songs (to use the new terminology). In v2 each song is tied to a specific midi setup - my 61 key synth-weighted keyboard on top, my big 88 hammer action keyboard below. When my synth weighted midi controller died and I had to replace it with a slightly different model, I had to update all 120 song files! Using v3 each of these songs is tied to one of two virtual midi ports - my unweighted or weighted controllers. Now if a controller dies just before a gig, it is one change and instantly all my songs use the correct controller. That was the feature that made me decide to upgrade.


2 things for me. What @jcsquire said is one. The other is the live mode and UI scaling. Kinda hard to see here but with UI at 350% and some screen adjustments I can have just my song list showing on my notebook/tablet and scroll/select any song very quickly.

~ vonnor

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Thanks for the replies, and now I understand why it’s gone the way it has. Much better for live use. I was a bit confused between solo and performer editions. Talking of which, I can’t seem to find the difference on the website. I’m thinking of upgrading to performer on version 2 if it offers more facilities.

It’s stll my go to DAW though even on version 2. Sorry it took so long to reply.

Hi @Audio_Monk

The major differences between Solo and Performer are listed on the home page and the purchase page but I recommend you trial each version to make sure it does what you need.