What makes Cantabile crash?

So I’m using PG8X 32-bit with jBridge and whether I’m running as Lite or Solo it crashes Cantabile. Not a huge issue, it’s not like I don’t have tons of other free poly synth plugins I could use like Evol or whatever. Just annoying, I run all kinds of other synths and plugins in Cantabile Voltage Modular, Synth1, Arminator, SQ8L, Cobalt, Minimogue VA, and more.

It’s pretty unusual to crash. Unless I call up PG8X. Then it crashes about every time.

That is such a general question that is impossible to answer :slight_smile:

You seem to have a reproducible use case with one plugin, so the logical deduction is that it is something to do with the interaction of the Plugin with JBridge or the chain of Plugin/JBridge/Cantabile.

Are there any crash logs being generated that you can send to Brad?

And what you are seeing is that crashes are never random (although they see that way sometimes); they are 100% deterministic and why software developers (myself included) like reproducible steps, because when you can reproduce it, you can find it. Until then it’s like walking in the dark with a flash light with no batteries in it!

Although crash report put’s a big red X where the problem is (but not much indication of how it got there).

Next time I make it crash, I’ll make sure to do the report. Usually, I skip those.

The MIDI rotator plugin is a little quirky also, but it’s also asking more of the system because you can be playing the chords jumping all over at the same frequency you can play single line stuff. I’ve found it pairs much better with some synths than others, even if I’m just using MIDI out to a synth on the iPad.

I do that quite a bit, rather than changing my cabling, I use Cantabile as a MIDI through to route the MIDI signal to the iPad. You can also mirror the MIDI signal path to layer sounds where one synth is on the laptop and another is on iPad. So many possibilities.

True which is why reproducible steps are also important :slight_smile: