What makes a good sticker?

Hey All,

Since I didn’t feel like coding tonight I’ve been sitting here thinking about stickers!

I know very little about about this so I did little online research but ended up with a bunch of questions. I was trying to figure it out when it occurred to me that I should just ask you guys what you’d prefer.

These are the things I’m wondering about - feel free to comment on any of the following.

  1. Sticker types - in particular what types are most suitable for gear cases. Seems the main choices are paper or vinyl. Presumably vinyl is more durable.

  2. Design. a) just the Cantabile logo b) Cantabile logo + name (like in top left of this web page) c) Logo with name below (ie: more square)

  3. Should the design include a tagline? (Speaking of which I’m thinking of adopting the tagline “Take the Stage” - feel free to suggest others).

  4. Light or Dark background?

  5. Rectangular or stencil cut?

  6. Size - I’m thinking roughly 100x50mm if rectangular or 50x50mm if square or round? Too big/too small?

  7. Any other suggestions for the design?

  8. Anything else I should be considering?


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Hi Brad,

1 - vinyl
2 - b) logo and name
3 - “Digital Performance Control” (best I could think of right now …)
4 - Dark ( but I’m sure white is less to produce)
5 - Rectangular
6 - Sizes are fine by me
7 - Maybe add some keyboard keys to frame design?
8 - No mention of topten?

Thanks for letting us input :grinning:

Regarding tagline, “Take the Stage” is cool…or a variant thereof, such as “The Next Stage”, or “Take the Next Stage”, implying that Cantabile is the future :slight_smile:

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Vinyl for the material
Logo and Name
tagline: Just Play It
if stencil cut no background needed, if rectangle light colour
100x100 for square or round

no other suggestions
Nothing else to consider imo, that is plenty! It’s a sticker, not an OS hahaha!

Logo only Stencil, plus Logo&Name rectangle (do two runs)
“Take the Stage” is brilliant. Incorporates a sense of victory and winning. Double meaning: “Own the stage” and “go on-stage” (I used to do corp slogans back in the day).

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I want one! Vinyl, and similar to what’s at the very top of this page. Dark background, or none at all (just cut around the logo or something. I’ll stick some everywhere. :smirk:

Thanks everyone. I’ll do some more research on this and see what I can come up with. Glad there’s some interest in it.

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Hey All,

I’ve been looking into this some more. Still waiting to see some samples and then proofs but I’m thinking of getting two runs of stickers on white vinyl, die cut to shape (where the magenta line is the die cut line).

What do you think?


180 x 50mm Logo & Name

90 x 90mm Logo Only


I like both of them!

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Very sharp, they will spruce up my gear!

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Great - I want some!!!

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Awwwwww Holy Crap! I am such a sticker dweeb.
I’d rather have a cronk VST with a stuck note in the middle of a solo than no sticker.

Looks great!


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Wow, I’m kind of surprised by the interest in this. Nice.

I placed an order for these yesterday but I think it’ll take a couple of weeks before they’re done.

While these aren’t super expensive to get made, they’re not cheap either - the stencil cut added quite a bit to the price but I think it’s worth it. I’m planning to send one of each sticker to everyone who’s bought Cantabile 3.

They’ll be sent to the address provided by PayPal at the time of purchase. If your address has changed, or if you want them sent somewhere else email me and let me know.


That’s going straight on my touring rack!!!

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On my laptop, :smirk:

Look what got delivered today!


Awesome!!! :sunglasses:

Nice! I have a chosen spot on the laptop for mine!

Aaaaahhhhhh… Lust

Just to set expectations… even though these arrived last week I haven’t had a chance yet to figure out the process for collecting the addresses, packing them up and getting them in the post.

I might even setup something on the portal so you can check your address and indicate you want them.

Hopefully I’ll sort this out soon.