What Live Monitor Solution do you use?

Hey All,

I was just curious what you all use to monitor your Hardware Keyboards and Cantabile Vst instruments? I have been trying various ideas out and would love some input. My studio monitors are the most accurate but they are not for roading around.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


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I am using Roland CM-30, but it is not the best solution for a huge gigs

kind regards, Alexandr

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HK Lucas Nano 600. Powerful and light!

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I’ve been through a number of keyboard amps, powered and un-powered monitor wedges and anything in-between and beyond. Now, I’ve gone all in-ear with a pair of Stage Divers ( www.inear-monitoring.eu). As a keyboardist and singer, this is extremely helpful for intonation on the latter part, plus a blessing for my ears overall.

Since I’m pretty much stuck in place in front of my keyboard, I don’t need fancy wireless; I simply use a Fischer Amps Mini Body Pack (just a volume control) clipped to my belt, with a cable running to my keyboards multi-core and back to a headphone amp.

Not looking back to any big & heavy monitor wedges or keyboard amps




For a couple of years I kept 2 Roland KC550 amps for live. That was until I acknowledged what I knew from the start - they were a long way from a studio monitor in terms of fidelity.
I got rid of them and grabbed a deal on a couple of Alto TS115A’s.
Definitely a move in the right direction.
Finally, after watching Dweezil Zappa with a couple of QSC K12’s, i decided to check them out. It’s the closest thing I’ve heard to a studio monitor in a unit designed for stage use. Three other friends who ditched traditional keyboard/guitar setups for laptops and monitors have also gone for QSC K10’s. Expensive, yes - but excellent. Lightweight too.
Having said all that, I think Torsten is on the right track with in ear monitoring.