What keyboard do you have as controller?


Yamaha MOXF8 and Novation Impulse 61 (into a powered USB hub and then into an Alienware PC).


Ahem … excuses, excuses. :joy:


Nektar Impact LX49+,old M-Audio Keyrigg49…soon Nektar Impact LX61+


2 x Elka MK88
2 x Axiom 61



I use a Roland RD 2000 stage piano, a
Roland A800 pro midi controller and a Triton pro synth with a Moss physical modelling board.




I’m using Studiologic sl-73s at the moment. Horrid things. Nasty to play and have all sorts of innacuracies in the key monitoring…

All those who use MPKs what’s the build quality like, I really like the feel of the keyboards but I need something that’s going to last…



Hi toaster, check my review above


I use komplete kontrol mk2. Perfect to me…


Classic rock gigs I use Arturia Keylab 88 (for piano) and a Kronos 61.
Just hooked up with an 80’s/90’s cover band and using Akai Advance 61 and Samson Graphite 49 for that. It doesn’t break my back carrying those :slight_smile:

~ vonnor


I have a Graphite 49 too. They are great.

  • Paul


Steve, question… I just purchased the Kross 2. I can utilize it as a Midi controller in Cantabile, however, how do I get it to pass the actually built-in sounds? I can’t seem to figure that out. I installed the Editor and have it set up as a VST/Plugin like every other instrument, but to no avail. Could you help?


Christianconnett…there seems to be some updates to the editor for the Kross. I copied this for you and maybe it can explain it for you. I have not had my Kross in a while

You download the editor/plug-in from the Korg website and the AU and VST instrument should be automatically installed when you unpack and install it. In Logic, make sure you have the latest version of Logic installed. I also had to rescan the AU plug-in after it installed and then it ran perfectly.

The VST plug-in worked straight away with Live, so I was happily playing my Kross 2 from within that in no time. At this stage I also tried it with Kross 2 set as the audio interface and that also worked very well, the MIDI from the plug-in triggering the keyboard and mixing the resulting audio with my other plug-ins straight out to the speakers with no issues.

What the editor really achieves is to open Kross 2 up. It is not a hard synth to use – actually it’s one of the easiest ones to navigate – but by its digital nature, a lot of menus are hidden beneath other menus. The plug-in editor has tabs which really help reveal the guts of the synth for editing and tweaking.

I hope this helps some. As I remember mine, you had a choice as a controller or simply playing the internal sounds live, which is the reason I purchased it, more for backup in case Cantabile ever went down



Sorry for delayed reply. Thank you for the info! I will get this updated this week and see what happens. I have a gig next weekend and need to have my setup ready to go.


Hi everyone! This is my first post here. :grinning:
I have taken advantage of the lockdown to start playing again, after more than ten years. I dug out from my basement my old ELKA MK88 and D50 which I now use as masters. The rest of my old hardware is still in the basement (including a MiniMoog), waiting for better times.
All the best,


Welcome Gabriel! Glad you checked in …



Hi Gabriel.

Interesting you say you have an Elka MK88.

I have an Elka MK76, which I really like, especially for its poly aftertouch. But the one thing I’ve never been able to find is a compatible expression pedal - it seems to require a very specialised spec. If you have any knowledge about a pedal that might work I would appreciate any advice!


Hi The_Elf.

Actually I have two expression pedals which I bought together with the MK88 (or immediately after…can’t remember now, it was more than 20 years ago…).
Today I am not at home but tomorrow I will have a look…hoping to give you some useful info.


I have a 88 keys M-Audio Keystation 88 MK2. I know, its not a true piano-weighted keyboards, but it fits well my not-so-strong fingers.
As second keyboard I can choose Alesis VI61 or Kurzweil K2661.
In old things corner, i have: Ensoniq VFX-SD (not so reliable, but with poly-aftertouch), two E-MU 4k and a Korg 01/w-fd


Hi All,
Korg Kronos (gigs)
Nektar Panorama T6 (rehearsal) + cantabile
Moog model D (1970) (studio)


Hi again!
Just a quick update. I have found the schematics for the MK88ii and the MK76 (I have it on paper) but I have seen on the net that you already found it…unfortunately I have no schematics for the VP10.

I confirm that it is an optical pedal (there is a small lamp an probably a photo-resistor mounted on a small board…). Anyway, what I have done is measuring the voltages directly on the plug and here is the result (voltages relative to ground, taken on the plug itself; controller values from Midi-Ox monitor):

TIP: constant at about 4V

  • 0.6V produces a hexadecimal value of 1E (decimal 31)
  • 3.3V produces a hexadecimal value of 7F (decimal 127)
    I can’t obtain values less than 31, at least with this pedal. Measured voltages are fluctuating by a few tenths of a Volt, I have given an approximate value.
    Hope that helps.

Errata Corrige: for the 0.6V value, the fluctuation is within 0.1V.
Update: I have taken a third point: 1.83V corresponds to decimal 77. The three points fall pretty much on the same straigth line, so I would say the response is linear with a slope of about 35 per Volt.