What keyboard do you have as controller?


Yamaha MOXF8 and Novation Impulse 61 (into a powered USB hub and then into an Alienware PC).


Ahem … excuses, excuses. :joy:


Nektar Impact LX49+,old M-Audio Keyrigg49…soon Nektar Impact LX61+


2 x Elka MK88
2 x Axiom 61



I use a Roland RD 2000 stage piano, a
Roland A800 pro midi controller and a Triton pro synth with a Moss physical modelling board.




I’m using Studiologic sl-73s at the moment. Horrid things. Nasty to play and have all sorts of innacuracies in the key monitoring…

All those who use MPKs what’s the build quality like, I really like the feel of the keyboards but I need something that’s going to last…



Hi toaster, check my review above


I use komplete kontrol mk2. Perfect to me…


Classic rock gigs I use Arturia Keylab 88 (for piano) and a Kronos 61.
Just hooked up with an 80’s/90’s cover band and using Akai Advance 61 and Samson Graphite 49 for that. It doesn’t break my back carrying those :slight_smile:

~ vonnor


I have a Graphite 49 too. They are great.

  • Paul