What Is Your Best Approach To Combining Songs?

Cantabile is so fluid, and there are many ways to get the identical results with many things. What is your approach to combining two existing songs into one?

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This is a great question. In my band, we have many songs, but occasionally at the last minute we decide to tie a couple together with a few transitional chords or something, and actually handling that with Cantabile is difficult.

One option is to not play anything for a few seconds while you load a new song, but it’s not seamless, as racks/plugins are disconnected/reconfigured, so it’s not always possible if you need to keep playing across the join. Otherwise, the alternative appears to be to make a completely new song, copying in all the racks/plugins and recreating all the song states in the new context.

I guess it’s not technically feasible to have two songs loaded simultaneously such that you can switch immediately and without glitches, as the same racks might be used in both songs but with different state behaviour, requiring loading of state data that could stop the sounds dead.

I wonder if it would be possible to have a feature where you can append a song onto the end of the currently loaded one. It would need to be able to handle (or at least warn about) clashes where things in both songs can’t co-reside (e.g. trying to load two instances of the same rack). Probably lots of edge cases to iron out the handling of.


Thanks for the answer Neil. I never had to do this until recently, and popup decisions to transition seamlessly into another song on stage can be very iffy.