What Is The Forum Opinion Of CLAP?

CLAP was an STD in years past, but I noticed several plugins are now VST2, VST3, AU, and CLAP. Here is what I found while searching:


When I die, I expect to be running Win7x64Pro with VST2s. I’m too old for the CLAP. I don’t go to those places any more,either.

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U-He is heavily involved in the development.

Quite a few of the plugins I use have versions available now, and it is supported in Reaper, so I have tried it out. I don’t see much advantage yet, except maybe it’s not married to Steinberg. I would love to see it implemented in Cantabile though so I can test it more.

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One of my favourite standards quotes is



I understand from my reading that there are some technological advantages over even VST3 - things you can do it that you can’t do with VST or VST3. Vendor support does seem to be happening, although not at some breakneck speed. As a creator of music I don’t particularly care what brand name is on my paintbrushes, but I don’t like how Steinberg basically shut the doors on OG VST format. That could mean my favorite paintbrush couldn’t be made available anymore, which DOES affect me as a creator. So, I don’t see this as really a We Have Coke, Why Do We Need Pepsi kind of thing. I like the reasons the CLAP format exists, and I do hope it gets enough momentum that it matters as more than a topic to discuss on message boards!

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Joking on standards aside, I would say there is nothing wrong with healthy competition and innovation - that is how we evolve.

TBH I have never hit a VST limitation that I know of, so not sure what CLAP would give me (no rude answers, please!).

Re Steinberg, they have been a constant innovator when you look back at what they have given us, but that is not to say they should not be challenged.

The thing for me is that I have 20 years investment in Cubase and unlikely to change as I see no reason, so if Steinberg do not support CLAP it is not much use to me. If Cantabile keeps up with VST (as Brad has with the move to VST3 support), again what would CLAP give me in Cantabile?

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definitely agree.

To see the difference in the real world, I’d first like to do some tests with the same VST2/VST3/CLAP plugin running in the same DAW/Host.

I have no standards


Efficient threading and devs never getting screwed over again seem like really good reasons to support it.

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Good reasons, and I like U-HE as a company and their synth products, but is it worth the effort if VST gives us what we need? Remans to be seen……