What is the best way to activate and deactivate a Keyboard split?


Hey Guys ! I’m trying to find the best way to “Activate - Deactivate” a Keyboard split but not sure what is the best way to go…
I’m playing bass with my left hand…and on the right hand I’m constantly switching among piano and organ

in order to create the split I’m using a midi filter (keyboard Range) in each midi input for these 3 instruments…Sometimes i need to deactivate the splits and go and Play full 88 keys range for the Piano or Organ … but Its seems that it cant be achieved using “Rack States” because midi filters are Not affected by the states

An other work around was to duplicate the main song ( eliminate the filter splits in it) , add it to the Playlist and switching among these 2 versions … but i noticed that as soon cantabile loads the Full 88 range song (without midi filters) i notice my piano and organ lost their internal configurations like reverb and Modulation… making them unplayable at all

Also i was trying to create “split zones” on my controller but they dont seems to work at all (using novation mapping editor, no Automap)…or maybe im doing somethig wrong with my Zero controller…

In the past i used 3 virtual Midi ports (under the options menu) for each section in my split (left, Right, Full range), but this time i need to use 1 single port for all the MIDI input activity :slight_smile:
Dont know if there is other better ways to activate - deactivate splits, also…i really wish the ability to activate or deactivate filters using states…
so i can create a Binding for a Turn On-Off Split

Im using Cantabile 3.0 build 3220 , Have a Novation Zero (USB) and have a 88 keyboard (with standard midi in out plugged to Zero controller)…Asio 4all,

Any suggestion will be really appreciated!!!


Well there are two ways to do splits in Cantabile; one you’ve found already, which is using filters. The second (and generally more effective) way is to define the key range on your MIDI routes. This is affected by states, so different states can cause routes to have different key ranges. And happily, when you change states, Cantabile is clever enough to ensure you don’t get hung notes if you hold down notes over a state change when the zone changes under your fingers.

Add your route, and click where it (by default) says “Omni”, and the route dialog window will come up, allowing you to specify lowest/highest note and transpose values for the route. Note that it also has a learn mode, so you can press a key on your keyboard when the lowest/highest boxes are selected.

Hope this helps :relaxed:



Hi ManciaMusic!

This can be easily achieved in Rack-States!

You don’t really need a special Midi-Filter as every route has a keyrange property already included:

This is also affected by switching Rack-States.


Awesome!!! thanks Guys you gave me a great answer… now let me go and start the Re-making of my set up… im sure it will work. im on my way to the gig now and as soon i get on the stage i will implement that! :sunglasses:


Hi,I am using cantabile lite,it seems cantabile lite does not have key range or keyboard split option,is this the case for me?


Cantabile Lite is a V2 version, isn’t it?
I think there are two versions available for Cantabile 3, that is ‘Solo’ and ‘Performer’.



According to website, Lite is the free version of C3. Dunno all the limitations of the free version, but I did use the Lite version for a few weeks before buying the Performer.


Oh OK. :slight_smile:
I had to search for it.
Looks like the bells and whistles are not in the freebie. If you have a reasonable midi controller you can probably get some things going split wise but you’re not going to get the the kind of instant recall and mapping functions that are in the big brothers.


Thank you. I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get midi filters to stick to states. It doesn’t help that I’m trying to learn two new pieces of software at work at the moment, I don’t know whether I’m comng or going