What is a good amount of RAM to keep free once Cantabile loaded up

I decided 16GB is a good amount of RAM for a Cantabile laptop just because 8GB sticks aren’t expensive. My actual memory use is around 4GB because I’m using modeled instruments. I’ve been handed a battered Lenovo X240 i7-4600 8GB that passes diags and runs fine but needs a screen replacement and some body work - the drawback is that it’s maxed out RAM wise.

What is the recommended amount of RAM to allow for the OS when running Cantabile?

I’ve never had major issues running Cantabile and a lot of synths with only 12 GB and 16 is way more than enough in my experience.

Thanks Fred, that’s just the shared experience I was looking for. With 8GB it may be cutting it close if loading lots of synths. My existing backup laptop was already 8GB so I’ll probably move to the X240 anyway because its cpu is better.

Yeah, I think 8 would be dicey. 12 will work, 16 you should be in good shape.