What happened to the preset selector drop down button?

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Hi all,

I’ve just installed the most recent Cantabile 3676 release and noticed, that the preset selector drop down button (described here) is not visible anymore. In the screenshot below, it should appear next to the lock icon. When/how did it disappear?


Actually, I was looking for some way to rename a preset and remember, it was possible with earlier versions. The release notes say that, “F2 in preset column can now rename plugin presets” - but this is pointing to the column that the (now gone) preset selector button should open, right?

Can anyone confirm this?


Hi Hans-Juergen,

the preset selector button is only visible if the plugin actually exposes its presets via the VST mechanisms. Zenology doesn’t (its preset mechanism is internal and not visible to the outside) so there isn’t anything the preset selector could show you.

BTW: I’m not sure that VST3 even allows exposing presets to the outside at all. Here as an example: the VST2 version of Discovery (lower) exposes its preset, so you do have a preset selector, while the VST3 version (upper) does not - no preset selector:

Since Zenology is a VST3 plugin, I doubt that it ever showed its presets to the outside world…

So nothing to do with the Cantabile version - simply a matter of plugin architecture and design.




Hi Torsten,

many thanks for your response and explanation. It absolutely makes sense if you read the documentation carefully:

When you’ve selected the “Entire Plugin Snapshots” or the “Parameter Sets” preset model, you might like to load one of the underlying presets exported by the plugin.
To support this, the plugin editor has an additional preset selector drop down button just to the right of the main preset selector.

I will check this out in the evening, comparing plugins I have as VST 2 and 3 versions.

Alas, I still I cannot see a way to change the name of a Cantabile defined snapshot to something other than Plugin Snapshot 1 etc., cannot find a hint to this in the docs. Do you know if/how it is possible?

Best regards,

Click on the bars all the way to the right of the preset line. The menu will have a
“Rename” option.

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Thanks for your help, I do really appreciate it!

I know how to rename the plugin snapshots now - but when or why the preset selector button is visible or not, still is a complete mystery to me. In some VST2 plugins it does (e.g. in Native Instruments FM8 when switched to Entire Plugin Sapshots mode), in most others it doesn’t.
Really strange at this point is Zebra 2, a VST3 Plugin from u-he. It gets the button but does not hand over the actual program names:

Anyway, I don’t think that Brad/Cantabile can do much about this and atually is not a real problem to me. I was just wondering what happens and now I think, I understand this detail a bit more. Thanks for your assistance once again!