What are your favo plugins you are using?


Another one which is pretty good (was on special offer) is Eventide SP2016 Reverb.

Nice and simple, not too many parameters, and sounds glorious.

Their Blackhole reverb is pretty good as well…


I really like Eventide’s effects, especially Blackhole.


I still use a lot XPand. And you also can get the whole AIR Instrument-Bundle for a few bucks:
buy Xpand:
And after buying it get the upgrade:

70€ in total!!

If you buy the Air instrument expansion pack 3 standalone, its more than 400€!!


Xpand is very complete and low CPU, my daily also


I bought Xpand some time ago but only just started using it. Very useable.


I just bought it - haven’t tried it out yet. My goal was brass and string patches that work for live performance. Do I need the expansion bundle to get the “good ones”? :grinning: