What are your favo plugins you are using?



Might be worth asking them. When I purchased, a long time ago, you only got the acoustic pianos. All of theses options came afterwards, so I am not sure.


Yeah, 99 bucks for some decent acoustic rock pianos and some Rhodes and wurly would do but all more is way over imo, no matter how good they sound.


I think it’s either classical or electric, so I’ll need to buy an extra pack, price is total 148 I guess


Update i got a reaction

Yes, you can choose 1 flavour only.
I suggest you choose the Electric Pianos flavour upon purchase and
complement by purchasing the pianos you need.

It’s rather expensive for 1 piano sound, for my needs even if it sounds incredible. The stage model would cover more models.


I think you get what you pay for. I am not a heavy piano player, but when I need Piano then it is usually Pianoteq I go to


Yeah I’ve been playing some more with the demo and MAAAAAAAN that sounds soooo good.
Those nuances, those resonance sympathic strings playing along, the functions,…
Think I’ll go for it afterall :slight_smile:


BTW trying to recreate the Hornsby piano, but I’m not sure how to get there. Any ideas any of you?
Is it a classical with heavy EQ or is it a digital hybrid?
It’s very stringy wired sounding


Usually those bright pop pianos are a Yamaha C5 with pretty hard felt, I’d start there!


It’s an acoustic. There’s an interview I saw somewhere where Humberto Gatia talks about Bruce consulting him on how to mic that piano.


Google says he was playing a Baldwin. Probably with pretty hard hammers and mics right up in it by the strings.


I use the Grotrian with some special settings - not a Baldwin but sounds nice too.



I just want to give a big shout out to the Audiority Echoes T7E, which is an emulation of the classic Binson Echorec.

I might be doing Echoes in Welsh Floyd, so was looking for the right delay effect to go with Arturia Farfisa V, and I think this combo of Artutia Farfisa and T7E nails the early Floyd organ sound perfectly.


Been hearing a lot about that plug…


I really like the Audiority plugs.


It’s the first time I’ve come across them. Will definitely be checking out more of their stuff.

If you’re interested, once I’ve gotten what to play figured out a bit better, I’ll post a sample of what this plugin does to the Farfisa sound


I’ve been using Guitar Rig and its Space Echo to try and get that sound. Would love to hear how it compares…


I’ll do something over the next few nights…



As promised. I’ve been analysing the David Gilmour in Gdansk version of Echoes to figure out what Rick Wright is playing (very free form!) I think I’ve gotten close enough for now, ready for me to learn the motifs he is using, so when I do it free form, it will bear a passing semblance to what Rick does (he rarely played the same thing twice live!). There is also a Hammond in there (presumably John Carin), and you have to stop yourself from following that Melody as well!

I can’t get the exact sound of what Rick is playing on the lower manual of his compact Duo as the Arturia Farfisa is single manual and does not have the Lower Manual tabs (assuming they do sound different from the upper manual!) Dolce 8’,Principale 8’ and Ottava 4’ - Rick has them all on apparently. The chord sound is the upper manual using the Multitone Booster footages all on, but the “All Booster” off. And of course Vibrato on.

The first sound clip has the Gdansk live version hard panned to one side with my sequenced playing/VSTs on the other side.

The second sound clip is just my sequenced playing/VSTs and I am enabling/disabling the Echoes T7E so you can hear the difference.

EchoesMix.mp3.zip (3.2 MB)

EchoesToggle.mp3.zip (3.0 MB)



Very near Derek! I played Echoes with my band, using one of the firsts Motifs for the Farfisa sound, and my main problem with this part was that as soon as the guitar started my sound didn’t cut through!!



Thanks for the listen. I’ve left it a few days now, and will go back to working on it soon. But on the old 80/20 rule I think I am more than 80% of the way there, so have something usable that I can keep working on.

You’re right, it is probably a sound that will not cut through if the guitar doesn’t give it space.