What am I doing wrong? Wrong audio driver chosen?

Hi, I’m trying to add a compressor (from reaplugs) to the output of my web browser (youtube specifically). I’ve watched some tutorial videos but I must be misunderstanding something basic.

My main audio output is the speakers on my monitor (hdmi), so in the audio engine settings page I have chosen as the audio driver the only option that mentions my main audio output which is “WASAPI Out - Acer X34 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)”.

This must be the step I’m doing wrong because when I press play on youtube I hear the sound but it doesn’t look like it’s running through cantabile, therefore it’s not running through the compressor.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


I think you need to use a re-wire type driver on your system. The audio output from your browser needs to go to an audio input on Cantabile, then Cantabile can output to your monitor.

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Hi Glass_Wizzard,

@Robb_Fesig was right and here’s a freebie to try out.


@terrybritton is very knowledgeable on these type of setups!


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These two videos discuss ways of using a plugin with Windows Audio via Cantabile. The first example I use is the ARC2 room correction software, but the same method works with any plugin.

The second shows how to use Voicemeeter’s Inserts with Cantabile using the ASIO Inserts driver in Voicemeeter. Once you make Voicemeeter your default Windows Audio playback device, all sounds from Windows (including browser) will use Voicemeeter and go through its inserts to Cantabile. Sometimes Windows will “miss” the sync and you’ll hear garbled audio initially, but quickly clicking Cantabile’s “power” button at the top right will eventually catch it right and give you audio with no distortion (in sync, in other words).

Good luck! Let me know if you have any issues.



Thanks for the video tutorials they look like just what I need.

One quick question before watching the videos, is Voicemeeter Banana the one to use? Will the simpler Voicemeeter be able to be used instead?

Banana has far more features, including the inserts which the basic version does not have, but does use more CPU than the basic version. It is not bad, though.

I have set my ADAT ports up as loopback ports making them useful as direct outputs to Cantabile and back, bypassing the need for the inserts, so in that case I can use the basic version. But the inserts make it very convenient to set up in Banana.


I finally got my mic, and have got everything set up. I followed the videos and got a rack of plugins working in cantabile as described.

However, I don’t know how to record the audio, for example in OBS, what do I set the mic input to?

Edit: Setting it to “VoiceMeeter Output (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VIAO)” doesn’t seem to do anything.

Edit 2: Just in case it’s relevant, both virtual inputs have red bitrate/buffer numbers even though I set everything to 16bit/48000hz.

Edit 3: I solved the red bitrate/buffer by increasing the buffer back to it’s default value which then solved OBS not working so I figured it all out and don’t actually need any help :smiley:

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