What am I doing wrong? (Rack states - Song issue)

Hi guys,

I’ve started to use (on you guys tips…) Master racks for the ‘output stage’ of my songs. Like in this picture:

So, I make a change in one song (as in this picture) to make the output of the Keys I master rack the output labelled Keys I. So far so good. I save the rack, then the song (making sure, like in the pic, that the state behaviour boxes for the output routes of this rack are deselected - not sure if this makes any difference on a song level but there you go).

However, when I go to the next song in the setlist, the outputs of the keys I master rack is back to main speakers, like this:

Now, I’m hoping that it’s something that I’m doing wrong and that I won’t have to go through every song changing the outputs on this rack all the way through the setlist? What I don’t understand, is that if, for example, I change the relative volumes of Kontakt slots in one of my Linked racks of instruments, then re-use that in other songs, the volumes remain (thankfully!)

Is it something to do with the fact that this set-list was created with the outputs of the master rack set to Main Speakers, then I changed the first song with this rack in and it isn’t updating the later versions in other songs?

EDIT: I have noticed on the other machine that I use this set-list on (which has the audio interface with these ports on it) it randomly has some of the Master Racks set to Main Speakers and others to the correct Keys I/Keys II outputs…


CIA as always,


Ooops, sorry, 2nd pic was badly cropped, here you go…

Hey Pierce,

All Racks in Songs must have their output audio routes assigned song by song like so and as shown in your picture. (I use main speakers out as an example of any “named” audio port you create in options)

If you have the environment switch set for the ports you could put your final audio out inside the rack and forego the external route you made.

Then you can go inside the Master Output Rack you made and change it’s output routings to effectively do what you want, have the output route set when you drop the rack into a song.

So the inside Rack audio output routes that go to ‘Rack: Stereo Out’ change …

… to …

hope this helps explain the different routing port configurations you could use.


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Thanks Dave!

I’ll do that then. Doesn’t that cause a weird conflict then, if the output of the rack is set the way I want it inside the rack but the output at song level says something different?

Anyhow, I’ll try it like that!


Hi Pierce, The audio output route on the outside of the rack is deleted when you add it to a song and the rack gain slider doesn’t control the gain when set up this way. You can adjust your main port gains from the Monitor panel in real time.