What a great host for a guitar rig

I liked it In Cantabile 2 - but the whole architecture of ‘states’ in Cantabile 3 makes working with a bucketload of amps and FX a pure, creative, JOY!
Having established how best to setup up the laptop for live and as a recording rig plumbed into my DAW, I can only say I LOVE IT.

One irksome Windows thing which seems to be an issue only with laptop and no other networked computer is that Remote Desktop very often displays blank contextual menus. Clicking out and back in seems to cure it, and I have seen other reports of this phenomena elsewhere on the net.
I have steadfastly stuck to Win 7.
It seems to be related to moving directly from one contextual menu to another.
Anyone else encountered this? It only happens, maybe, 1 in 10 times.


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HI @Ade

Glad you’re enjoying Cantabile.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that issue with Remote Desktop, but I haven’t used it much for quite a few years now.