Weird problem with midi

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I am trying to setup a legend solo as a controller for b-3x, though I don’t think that’s really pertinent to my problem. I am using Cantible 4118 on Windows 11. Everything is USB.

Everything is working except the percussion on/off button. The button sends cc73 (decimal) with either 0 or 127. Midi monitor right at the keyboard input says the button is not there. But Midi-ox says the button is coming in to the laptop.

Midi monitor says “post filter”. There is no selection for “pre filter”. As far as I can tell, there is no fiter present at that point.

There is a selection for “pre filter”, just click the post filter label and you will get a pop-up with two selections:

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Thanks, Torsten! I would have sworn that pre and post were two tabs in the upper left. Anyway, CC 73 was not arriving “pre” either. I ended up completely deleting the keyboard from Cantabile, rebooting it, and then adding it back in with a diffetent name. All seems to be good now.

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