Weird jump in audio load


I’m experiencing a weird jump in my audio load lately. Nothing has changed on my system, no windows or driver updates, no changes to plug-in setup etc. However, lately, songs that would run between 20 and 40% load are now going up to 80% and sometimes over 100% causing crackles.

I’ve run LatencyMon for 3-4 hours and it’s more than happy (in fact it’s better than my monstrous desktop - which is an investigation for another day…) and I’ve run diagnostic tests and benchmark tests on the ssds, all good.

Anyone have any ideas what to check next?



I had a thought.

Windows update has been bugging me on this machine about some updates, which I haven’t done, cos everything’s been working fine. Could it be that doing something in the background causing this increase in load?


You ought to be able to see if the update process is running in the Windows task manager.

Another place to look (if you’re comfortable doing that sort of thing) is the Windows Task Scheduler. I am often amazed at the number of Tasks that are scheduled at regular intervals - much more often than I would think necessary.

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look into both those…


Wasn’t there an issue sometime back where Cantabile was still trying to update from a previous accidental update click? Couldn’t find it on forum search, but remember the discussion. Task mgr was showing cpu spike on Cantabile.