Web UI with IOS

Hi All,

I tried the Cantabile web UI and definitely need this feature for my self made mini PC rack, but Safari on my two IOS stuff, 10.3.3 and 9.3.5, doesn’t cope with this feature, menus are displayed but black screen… :frowning:

Can you tell me, with your experience, from witch version of IOS Safari will manage this?

Thanks for your answers.

Have a nice day.


Hi Igor,

Last I tried I had it running on my iPad 3 which I’m pretty sure is iOS 9. If you ran early versions of the web ui on those devices you might need to remove home screen icon, clear cache and reconnect to get the latest files from Cantabile.


Thanks Brad.
same device here… I will try that and I’ll let you know.
Have a nice day.

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