Wavestate Native Crashes Cantabile

I have noticed that whenever I have been editing performances and/or voices on Wavestate Native that on closing either the song or performance, and sometimes just Wavestate Native itself, that Cantabile crashes and wants to send an error report. If I have used the Wavestate Native in a song and don’t do ay editing, then there is no problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have seen crashing of Wavestate Native just yesterday when editing Collection names whilst getting Wavestate to the same library state as my Hardware Wavestate (which I am thinking of selling now I have the native version), specifically adding programmes to a Collection or renaming the collection to make more sense. After editing a name, the “updating Collection” dialog gets stuck and you need to use Task Manager to kill Cantabile. If I do the editing in the standalone version, it does not appear to happen.

Sadly, no suggestions.

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I have a workaround simply by doing my editing while the vst is in stand-alone form. This works a treat, but is a bit cumbersome if I am in Cantabile and suddenly need to edit the WS Native.

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That is indeed the workaround I mentioned in my post :wink:

But I guess you also confirm the problem.