Waves Top 20 best selling

Twenty plugs at $29.99 each, and more.


CLA-2A is well worth it. I’m not sure I’d bother with any of the rest, honestly…

@FredProgGH : care to elaborate why CLA-2a is so good in your opinion?

Well, if you can get them at his price, several others are worth it as well. Sure, there is competition for almost all from several brands, but e.g. I always liked:

  • Puigtec EQ: very good Pultec emulation
  • SSL G bus compressor: used that for years for the glue
  • SSL E channelstrip is very low CPU compared to other channel strips, so if for mixing you want to put on a lot of channels, this one is good
  • C6 and F6 are good if you need them
  • Scheps omni: very good channel strip as well with many options
  • CLA-76: good 1176 emulation
  • L2 is a good and safe master limiter, very low CPU

Bought L2 and IR1 (also at 29.99)

L2 is good, true. I don’t use it any more but it’s very good. CLA just sounds good! Prevailing wisdom is that it’s one of the more faithful 1176 recreations out there; I’ve never used a real one so I wouldn’t know lol but I like it.

I have a 1176 plugin included in N.I. Komplete. Don’t know if its faithful or not, like you I’ve never used the real UREI/UADIO hardware 1176