Wave files cutting off

I’m using the latest version of Cantabile and Kontakt 6
Not every time, but I’ll change to a song, press the appropriate key, the sound starts but stops mid sound. If I trigger it again it works.
Not sure what might be causing this.
Ant ideas?

Brad, Any ideas?

Hi Larry,

I had problems with Kontakt in that when I changed to a new sound using states it would not sound on the first note I hit and after that it worked fine. I dropped Kontakt after a while because I found other ways to go. Just a tip, when you want Brad’s attention you should put an ampersand before his name and it will flag the post for him. Anyway I’ll flag this post to @brad so he can comment on things.



thanks for the reply. I’m only familiar with kontakt for playing samples. Have you any recommendations?
I play alot of long files especially doing Floyd.

To midi trigger WAV files, Grace VST by One Small Clue works well.

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