WAV file recorded over on each recording press / lost recording files

Lost recordings

I’m new to recording with this software and was assuming that each recording saves in a separate file, every time you stop the recording by pressing the record button.

After starting the trial period in order to record a session it seemed to work fine, but I didn’t know that every time I press record and stop recording it would record over the same wav file, deleting the previous recording.

Sorry of the overvuse of the term, but a four hour session worth of ideas is seemingly lost.

When prompted with naming the set I gave it a creative name, but didn’t include any #### in it, so it didn’t get prefixed with -001 -002 etc… I think evey time I pressed record the old file was replaced. If there’s any way to find it, like backups or memory recovery programs, all help is appreciated.

Hi Alex & Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Try going to the Options>Recording and it shows the location of the recorded file.

I hope this helps, it is strange that they would have been erased as the normal behavior would be to warn of an overwrite or to simply assign a number in parentheses after the file name.

Anyway, I hope you find your files.


Whenever choosing “New Recording Set” and putting something in file format that does not contain hashtags - every time record is pressed the previous recording is just written over and is gone. This is incredibly dangerous for new users. There is nothing about the window that says “you will lose audio if you don’t include hashtags”. I just reproduced it.

I loved the software and wanted to pay for it once the trial period is over, but this just sucks. Every standard freeware recording software would warn before overwriting media. Now I have to dig into memory recovery tools and waste more and more hours with very low chance of success.