WASAPI Shared Mode Available

Hey All,

Just uploaded a new build with a first pass attempt at WASAPI Shared (aka non-exclusive) mode. To use it, just select it from the sample rate selector:

Some notes:

  1. You can’t choose a sample rate since it’s dictated by Windows and your settings there.
  2. The buffer size is a bit of a guess - it will be at least that size, possibly larger (check the displayed value in the monitor panel to find out what was actually selected).
  3. Switching between Shared and Exclusive modes might change the number of available channels (not sure why atm) so you might want to check your port assignments

Also, I’ve improved the WASAPI sample format support, adding support for devices that require floating point samples.

I’ve tagged this as experimental since it needs testing with a range of drivers.

You might be wondering why I’ve chosen to implement this now… I’ve been trying to setup an environment for making some videos and wanted to capture the audio from Cantabile straight into the screen recorder - which of course wouldn’t work in exclusive mode. As they say… “necessity is the mother of invention.”

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This is cool Brad! I think WASAPI has a future and Microsoft are making nice gains with it as it matures. One can create a powerful system especially when it and ASIO can run concurrently.

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Bravo. Very useful for me!

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just want to comment that the WASAPI shared option is working great with my setup. It’s perfect for running Transcribe software and Cantabile simultaneously. So now when I’m transcribing from an mp3 file, I can listen to the track and play the keyboard at the same time, rather than having to run Transcribe on a separate laptop.

I agree. I put off implementing this for a long time because I didn’t think it would be that useful but it really is - I use it all the time when latency isn’t a big deal - which is nearly all the time for me when I’m testing.

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even as is, the latency really isn’t noticeable (to me) and doesn’t affect what I do.

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