Wasapi gives cracks

Hey guys, I noticed on my new computer the WASAPI driver gives cracks on many different buffer size settings.
It’s now on Shared mode - 640 buffer and still now and then a small crack.
I never got this before on other computers.
In wasapi 48Khz - 256 and up it seems much much better but not 100% gone…
I lately installed Process Hacker (and inunstalled by now, back on Process Lasso), could this have had some influence?
Can I reset the wasapi drivers?

Why not use ASIO instead?

I am wondering how you are setting the buffers in WASAPI? Does Cantabile give you that possibility? (Obviously never tried it!)


I use asio on stage with my soundcard. I use wasapi on my desk for programming.

Yes wasapi has also buffer settings.

Does the Profiler show anything suspicious?

Could it be that your audio chip works at 48 kHz natively and 44.1 is converted via software?

The profiler stays low and so does the CPU.
Strange. It even happens with synth1.

Good thinking about the chip. When i set to 44.1 it gives an error. And on 48 it works better.
It’s a 9th gen i7

This is strange, other people have also cracks with synth1. I haven’t been updating my system. So it’s a mystery.

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Think I’ve found the guilty one. :wink:
Process lasso switched to idle mode after several second. Does switched power plans.
Also still troubling with k meter. I love the plugin, there’s no better for now, but CPU spikes up to 18%
Update: 48%
update: 117%
Update: 6761% :thinking::astonished::astonished:

Wow, that’s a massive stall. The question is: is it the plugin or something about your system?

Try reproducing it a couple of times and see if it’s always in that plugin.

The clicks are gone but k meter is still there. I don’t think it influences the audio?
Although if my CPU needs stuff and this is also happening it will glitch.
I contacted the dev.

But haven’t seen it before so i think it’s this plugin.
I’ll put on the profiler more.

hm, not completely gone on wasapi, so strange… I keep on digging…
Strangely enough:
When switching from Wasapi shared mode to 48Khz mode the CPU use is higher. But less spikes. Probably because Battery or others are doing a conversion?
Resonse seems faster…
Good tip @Torsten