Want to use a beringer FCB1010 for globle transposition

Has anyone used the fcb1010 for globle transposition in Performer? If so please explain how to set it up.I am running Hauptwerk and Aria player into Cantabile and would like to transpose them together with the globle tranposition ability built into Performer. I use a Beringer FCB 1010 with my rig so I want to use it to do the transposition changes with it.

If you could explain in a bit more detail what exactly you are trying to do, someone might actually be able to help you… :thinking:

Just throwing bits and pieces into the group is not a good recipe to get help - just sayin’…

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See - works better with the details you added…

The short answer is- yes, should be pretty easy. The trick is there’s probably several ways to go about it. Do you want to just use a pedal to transpose up in semitones and another to go down, like you would patch changes? Do you want pedals assigned to specific keys in more of a random access way? You could assign the expression pedal to sweep up and down almost like a whammy pedal. Lots of possibilities.

No, my pedals are being used by Hauptwerk. I just want to use one button to go up and another button to go down. Like you said but buttons rather than the pedals.

Hi Frank,

You need 2 bindings in the Background rack. The example below assumes the FCB1010 is sending PG changes when a footswitch is pressed. (PG 5 for up and 6 for down) If it sends a CC message that also would work as a source for the transpose switching.

You can use the learn function to get the source event for your bindings there.



Thanks for the reply Dave. I will look at this tomorrow and try to set it up.

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How does the learn function work?

I set it up the way you suggested. But I can only get the Aria player to respond to the globle transpose function. Nor sure how I should route from fcb1010 to the Aria player and Hauptwerk,but I have tried a couple different ways but no change.
If I can’t get it to do what I need, there is no point in investing in the Performance version.

See the nice guides section on bindings - explained in a lot of detail.

If you only want to use the FCB to change transposition, there’s no need to connect it to Aria and Hauptwerk - the bindings will take care of the transpose function.

Take a look at the routes between your master keyboard and Hauptwerk: there is a setting that decides if global transpose affects this route or not:


This setting should be unchecked on exactly ONE route between your keyboard and Hauptwerk. I usually do this at song level; all my routes inside racks have this set to “ignore”, so I don’t get double transposition.

Hope this helps!



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Wonderful, I had those bows checked. I unchecked them and it is doing what I want it to do!
Looks like I may have to buy the performer.
Thanks for your help!