VST3 support in Cantabile


When will VST3 support finally come? I have a lot of plugins and I’m tired of installing the VST2 versions in addition to VST3, only because of Cantabile. In the meantime some plugins aren’t available as VST2 any more, like Steingerg’s Halion.

Thanks, Robert


Robert, @brad stated this a few weeks ago:

Questioning VST 3


“Support for VST 3 in Cantabile is just about done, but may be abandoned due to some technical difficulties.”

LOL, he said that in October 2014, more than 4 years ago.

So what is the status quo?



The most current statement he made on this was made 23 days ago in the link I posted. Brad is apparently having issues with implementation, and he is very protective of the integrity of Cantabile. To press him for a schedule is somewhat unfair, as he has been making quite an effort to make it happen for quite sometime. Brad just started a well deserved vacation so you will probably not hear anything soon. Asking the members when this is going to happen, or even debating the issue is somewhat like asking when Pink Floyd will rejoin…no one knows but Waters and Gilmore. Only Brad can address it.




Hi, I have to chip in as a sole developer as well, and agree with Corky.

You fit development around other things. Some additions to your code base are trivial and you can keep doing drops with little testing or impact on your code base. Other changes are massive such as an OS X Port or VST3, and they will take time, and you need to prioritise adding features like that, which maybe 10% of your users are gagging for, compared to the 90% you have needs that are simpler to implement.

Case in point my kronos.factory librarian. I had planned to release well over a year ago. But the complexity of the file format and that fact that my beta testers persuaded me that I need to support older file versions, coupled with the demands of my day job, and setting up a new set for Welsh Floyd as well, means that I am still not quite finished on kronos.factory…

Five years ago, probably everything had a VST2 option, it is probably only know that some manufacturers are deprecating VST2 and I guess Steinberg would be the first.

I will be pleased when Brad does add VST3 support as I can do a lot of rationalising of plugins, but it is not a show stopper for me, and I’d prefer Brad to “do the job right once” if it’s feasible. :slight_smile:




So PF is getting back together? :thinking:


Both Gilmour and Waters agree once C3 VST3 is ready it’s time for the reunion tour :face_with_monocle:


WF, or WTF as l like to think of it these days. :wink: you just can’t take the Floyd out of the boy…


You can’t even get the SDK. Steinberg’s telling every one to pull it. (GitHub etc)
Luckily I have a few copies with some xcode projects.
So the options for staying with 2.x are getting cramped.
I haven’t had a good look at 3 but I know heaps of guys who just walked away from plugin development and many of the big boys are using JUCE.