VST3 Plugin-Support

I just noticed that Cantabile does not support VST 3. So I can not use my HALion anymore. That’s really bad. Steinberg has discontinued support for VST 2. So what about Cantabile? Will it be further developed?

Yes, I do plan to revisit VST 3 support but don’t have a time frame for it as yet. There’s a couple of other higher-priority features I need to get implemented first.

Are you sure the plugins you’re trying to run aren’t available as VST 2? I thought HALion was available as a VST2 plugin.

Also, are you sure you’re not running host crippled version of the plugin. Some Steinberg plugins released with packaged versions of the DAW’s only run in those DAWs. Does this plugin work in any other non-Steinberg hosts?

Thank you for the information. Then I have to wait just as long.
You are right, there is a HALion 6.dll (Vst2). In my case, a mess of install paths was added.

The HALion-Installer adds a Vst 3 plugin and a Vst 2 plugin. The Vst 2 (HALion6 .dll) plugin was located at this location: C: \ Program Files \ Cakewalk \ VstPlugins \ HALion 6. I found out, the path was written down in the registry by an installation of Cakewalk . Then I deinstalled Cakewalk and forgot it. But the Cakewalk installer did not delete the path to the vst 2 plugins.it. Pretty confusing.

Can I just ask where VST3 support sits in the priority list? I’d really like to see VST3 support arriving soon.

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I have also Halion6 and VST3 support will be fine for me too…

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FWIW me too please VST3 support!

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VST3 support now is on my wishlist, too. The so-called connect plugin for my latest musical “toy” (Yamaha Montage) deserves it.


For those keen to get VST 3 support in Cantabile, I’d be interested to hear which plugins specifically you need it for.

If you post a comment on the trello card mentioning those plugins I’m more likely to look at them when I revisit this (perhaps soon).

HALion 6

I’ve added comment to Trello, but my main VST3 collections for use in Cantabile would be:
Steven Slate

Some (most perhaps) of the mentioned plugins have VST 2 options available. What I’m really trying to ascertain here is how much urgency there is for VST 3 support - because of plugins that aren’t available in VST 2.

Trouble is, I don’t remember! But it has happened that a plug I rely on in Cubase hasn’t been available to Cantabile. I suspect it will begin to happen more as time passes. I’ll take a look on my studio PC and see if I can jog my memory…

I think it’s just related to the fact that most of the time now I only install the VST3 version on my studio PC. I had begun also doing that with the laptop, but then I got tripped up by Cantabile not seeing the plugs. Line 6 is definitely one of those examples.

The Editors for Yamaha Montage or Motif are VST3 only.

I can’t get Halion to work in Cantabile.

I’m building plugins myself (more on that later) - by lack of VST2 license I can’t distribute VST2.

KR Space 1.7 is now only VST3. Developer is no longer updating/providing VST2 versions.


Halion and Halion Sonic are working without problems in my Setup.

There are VST3 & VST2 Versions available.


The version that came with my Cubase version is VST3 only - is the VST2 version a separate download or something? I certainly can’t find it.

check the support/download area at steinberg.
when i install/upgrade i always get the option to install both versions.

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