Hi Brad,

I just bought the plugin RESPIRO that I play with a SYLPHYO


Unfortunately I just realized that Cantabile does not support VST3

And of course RESPIRO does not exist in VST2

I read all about VST3 topics here

Brad did you plan a development ?

Many thanks in advance



I checked out RESPIRO, that is an interesting plugin. Could Joao (umd) create a VST3 to VST2 bridge? Just brainstorming :grinning:


doesn’t this do that or am I mixed up?


You are correct Dave. I have it, but haven’t tried it with C3. May experiment with it tonight. Just didn’t have a reason to use it. I did try the Bridge Wize in C3 on an 32bit plug in C3, but no success.


Many thanks Dave !
I try the demo of Metaplugin and it works.in Cantabile
But of course the presets are not preserved…
For only one plugin I need : 44 € it’s a bit expensive


Well Jac635 … I’m glad it proved out but I agree that’s kinda high priced, so I hope a Cantabile solution is possible. My best guess from the VST3 support dialog we’ve on this site is that the development time and complexity are definite impediments so my fingers are crossed.



This is what Brad wrote to me

<< Cantabile’s VST 3 support was started but put on hold due to some technical issues.
I’m planning to revisit it very soon, but currently don’t have a delivery time frame >>