VST3 binding bug?

In Cantabile Performer v3.0 build 3694 (latest stable), I have a rack with two bindings:

(1) When I press a button on my external controller, the VST3 plug-in parameter named “Spec 2” should toggle between 0 and 1. (The external controller button sends a value of 127 when pressed and 0 when released, so I use a “Controller (Button)” or “Controller (No Edge Button)” binding for this.)

(2) Whenever parameter “Spec 2” changes, parameter “Spec 4” should be changed to the same value as “Spec 2”.

Here is a screen shot of the two bindings:

When I change “Spec 2” either by toggling it manually within the plug-in’s interface or by changing song states within Cantabile, the second binding works correctly; it changes “Spec 4” to match “Spec 2”. However, when I use the first binding to change “Spec 2”, the second binding does the opposite of what it should. It sets “Spec 4” to be the opposite of “Spec 2”. Subsequent presses of the controller button toggle both parameters, keeping them mismatched until I manually fix it within the plug-in or change song states again.

These bindings worked correctly back when I was using a VST2 version of the same plug-in. (I’m using Omnisphere 2.7.0f, which has VST2 and VST3 versions in its latest release.) So I think this must be a bug either in Cantabile or Omnisphere. Is it possible that Cantabile is reading the parameter value too fast, so that the second binding is using the old parameter value instead of the new one when the first binding is triggered?