VST View is so small


Relatively new to Cantabile and I am only using the demo version until I’m certain this is something I want to use. My application would be for live performance.

I have uncovered several issues, but I will start with this one… When I add a VST and open inside of Cantabile in order to edit it or make adjustments, the pop up window it’s so incredibly small and I can’t see anything. There seems to be no way to expand it. Is there a way to overcome this?

Hi TexasEdition and Welcome!

Try this blog entry to start with for an explanation of this issue.



Great info from Dave. Also, many VSTs now have different GUI view sizes in their settings menu. What VST are you using?

That was awesome help. Thank you. Discovered a new feature called “Enabled & Upscale Plugins”. That was the ticket. Not perfect, but at least usable.

I’m using Amplitube and Kontact and a host of others.

Kontakt and Amplitube are just the size they are, unless I’ve missed an update on GUI size. I rarely use the GUI view during live performance anyway. Show notes are always visible.

A lot of people grumble about Kontakt and it’s fixed size GUI! That is true irrespective of host.

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