VST saved patch is lost when VST is Opened

I’m having a problem where I have programmed a patch (Brainstormer) into a VST and saved it in one of the available slots (#4 in this case). When I call up the Song, it correctly plays the patch right off, but if I click on the VST to open it and make an adjustment, it immediately losses the patch settings and I can’t get it back. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

I am attempting to upload a Cantaible file if that helps – not sure if that will contain the patch. The correct patch sound is an attempt to recreate the beginning wail of ELP’s Hoedown.

Hoedown Siren Test.cantabileSong (21.7 KB)

Hi @Shoesmith,

Thanks for reporting. There’s definitely something not right here, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet - not sure if it’s Cantabile, the plugin or some incompatibility between the two.

Will post back when I figure it out.


OK. I’ve figured out the problem - almost certainly an issue with that plugin and I’ve reproduced similar issues with it in another host.

I’ve contacted the developer and will post back if/when I hear anything.

(The plugin doesn’t seem to have been updated in about 5 years so hopefully he’s still around).


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