VST plugins not working

I am new to cantabile and am trying to use it for a musical theater gig. I am trying to upload instrument VST’s to connect to my keyboard. I found all the instruments I need, however, when I upload some of them and click on, it will say “no instrument found.” Any suggestions on how to upload instrument sounds? I need strings, piano, and xylophone. I am using cantabile 64

Hi Rissmb,

Welcome! Which keyboard do you have and which VST’s have you installed?

I have a Casio CDP-130 and the VST’s that actually uploaded and worked are DSK Brass, DSK accordion, and DSK harmonica. I have tried other DSK versions of the instruments I still need, but they won’t upload. It will go into the system, but when I click onto it, it says “no instrument found”

Hi @Rissmb,

welcome to the forum. In order to understand the problem, we need some more information. For instance:

  1. are you running 64bit or 32bit Windows operating system? are you using the 64 bit or 32 bit version of Cantabile? Most DSK VST plugins are 32-bit and they require jbridge to be loaded into the 64-bit version of Cantabile
  2. have you added the folder where you have placed the DSK .dll files to the list of plugin’s folders in Cantabile? you can check the list by selecting Tools->Options->Plugin Options in Cantabile
  3. it could be useful to have a look at the log file produced by Cantabile. Just select Tools->Open Settings Folder to open an Explorer window with the Cantabile settings folder. Then exit Cantabile. Pick the the log.txt file from that folder and place it somewhere where we can access it (or attach it here, zipped, if you already have permission to attach files to your messages…you do not have such permission if you have just subscribed, I am afraid…)