VST Out Route as Midi Port

I can do this easily in a DAW, but I am sure someone has an idea how to do this in Cantabile.

I have Midi Guitar 2 as a VST, which I can route to my various soft synths. I can reamp/resynth this with audio from my guitar routed back.

I am curious if there is a way to use Cantabile to record a Midi file from the VST Midi Out route.


Hi Lorne,

Try this,

  • Create a new MIDI port in the options with no assignments called Record MIDI Route


  • Create another MIDI out route on the VST instrument and route it to the pseudo port via the loopback port ( this must enabled in the >Tools>Options>Miscellaneous>Advanced>Show Loopback Ports check box)

  • check the ports to record box for the new port and you’re ready to go

e.g Sequencer feeds the Synth and is recorded to a separate MIDI track


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Worked perfectly. Thanks again.

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