I’m covering a Diana Ross tune that has a repeating 16th note string figure. I’ve been trying an audio delay on it, but I’m not getting as clean as an effect as I’d like to have.
Ideally it would:

  1. Let me select specific delay taps
  2. Sync to MIDI tempo
  3. Let me specify the velocities for each delay tap
  4. Free :slight_smile:

As a side note, where does everyone in the community get their (free) MIDI plugins?

Thanks in advance -

You can start at vst4free. They have a ridiculous amount of fx VSTs. Most of what I use is purchased, so I couldn’t really advise on the free ones. The internet is your friend, pull up free echo vsts and you will see hundreds of choices.

Thanks. For some reason I didn’t think of VST4Free. I’m not averse to buying a plugin, especially if it has the right features for what I’m trying to do (time is money, afterall).


The GSI tape delay just surfaced, and is free. Other free ones are: Full Bucket Brigade Delay, Dead Duck Delay, Voxengo, Nembrini Audio Analog Rack Delay, just to name a few. I use Valhalla plugs a lot, and most of my delays come from my guitar sim plugins (not free). I really like Goodhertz plugins which are very different and interesting, but a little pricey. Many of the better known developers usually have a free delay and reverb, just to get you signed up. A wide assortment of free delays are available, just gotta look for them.



I’m actually looking for a MIDI delay, not an audio delay, so the usual suspects in my quiver (all audio) are out.

I’ll also check my DAW’s to see what they have (should have done that first).


Ooops! Ok…I retract everything then.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No need to retract, unless it’s cold out (and then we refer to it as “shrinkage”) . :slight_smile:

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Hey Patrick,

Piz MIDI has a free one but you will need to see if it works for you



Delay notes and/or CCs with feedback.


TempoSync - When On, DelayTime will be measured in musical note values, following host tempo; when Off, DelayTime will be absolute time in milliseconds.

DelayTime - Either tempo-synced values from 64th note to 3 bars (TempoSync On), or 0-2000ms (TempoSync Off).

Feedback - “Amount” of delayed signal to be delayed again. At 0%, the input will only be delayed once; at 100% the input signal will repeat indefinitely.

FdbkLimit - Optionally limit the number of times each event will be sent through the feedback loop. Either “Off” (unlimited) or 1-16.

Wet - Level of the delayed events, from 0-100% of the internal value. This is applied only at the output, after the feedback path.

Dry - Level of the input events (notes and/or CCs) passed through to the output.

Mode - Notes Only, or Notes & CCs. Be careful when delaying CC events with feedback.

Channel - MIDI channel on which to delay events; either “All” or 1-16.


As much as I’ve used it, you would think I would remember Piz MIDI. Duhrr!