Vst failed to load and sound not working on an other vst

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Hello !

I have an issue when starting cantabile, one of my vst3 (prophet v3) fail to load despite working well when I loaded it in my previous session. so I have to load again my vst3 each time

I have another issue on the same song, another vst2 (B-3 V2) is loading normaly and I can play it without any problem. but without touching anything but my keys on the keyboard. at a certain point, like I juste stop playing to check on internet, and then the sound stop working only on one vst2 (other are working) even I change instrument inside the vst, no sound … I have to load again th vst

there is no midi problem, I can see the keys that I used in the vst but just there’s no sound anymore

I checked the log and here’s what’s going on at the loading part of my vst3 :

00003593 5 ! [14940:0]: Failed to load plugin ‘Prophet V3 2’
System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to load data because it was in the incorrect format (error 13002)
at Cantabile.Core.InteropObject.SetByteArray(Int32 id, Byte[] data)
at Cantabile.Core.PluginHost.LoadBank(Byte[] data)
at Cantabile.Racks.Plugin.LoadPlugin()
00003595 2 [14940:2]: VST3- Prophet V3 (#1) - Closing…
00003625 30 [14940:2]: Unloading VST-MA module 0000000029F34770
00003625 0 [14940:2]: Last reference released, unloading shared library
00003625 0 [14940:2]: VST3- Prophet V3 (#1) - Closed.

for the other “sound” problem I’m not sure in the log where to find it