VST Delay upon first note

I’m a bass player that plays keys as well.
I have noticed a slight delay with the startup of first note if the there is a longer pause between the times when I am using the keys.

All other times its fine

It’s almost like the newer cars that shut off at traffic lights and you get that delay when you hit the gas.

Any ideas on how I can overcome this would be greatly appreciated.


We need a bit to go on.

What audio interface are you using? What audio driver have you chosen in Cantabile? What value do you have set for the ASIO (if used) buffer? How is your keyboard connected?

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Also, are you using sample-based VSTs? Which version of Cantabile? Are you using Racks and Setlists?

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Hi guys!

I am using Performer 3 build 3693 (too lazy to update)
ASIO driver
Focusrite 18i20
512 buffer

Keyboard is M-Audio O61 connected via device cable
Pedals are Roland PK-5 connected via UNO midi/usb cable

The only time there is any delay is the first note if I am not playing keys for a while.
After that all is fine

I have setlists preloaded

Something going to sleep then taking a noticeable delay to wake up? Check power settings. GlitchFree has a chapter on best power settings for Music Computers.

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I get that with Kontakt sometimes but only with some sample libraries.

If I’ve got a set setlist I always set up a state in the first song (or you can create a song specifically for this purpose) that sends a midi note on every channel to each Kontakt instance in the set. PITA, but it solves the issue.

Of course this might not be your issue, especially if you’re getting it happen after not playing for some time, I only get it with the very first note on a given sample library…


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The symptoms sound similar to a memory reallocation where cached samples for the VSTi are getting swapped out and then when you start playing it again the VSTi has to go get them from hard disk again and recache them (and swap something else out).

What VSTi(s) and how much memory do you have? You can check memory allocation and see if its bumping the limit and having to reallocate with Windows Task Manager > Performance > Resource Monitor > Memory (there may be an easier way to navigate to this, IDK).

Even with a lot of memory this can be a problem with sample intense libraries.