Vst compressor: how to set sidechain input

Hi, I’m a new user.
I’ve searched in the old topics but I haven’t founded what I need.
How to set the sidechain input of a compressor?
Two inputs are L and R of the previous vst, but where I have to set the input of the sidechain?


Nebula 3 is the example compressor
Synth is example sidechain source
Equilibrium is example stereo source for compressor

set route to stereo out for eq and choose compressor in stereo 1

Set stereo out route from sidechain source to compressor input stereo 2

Set stereo out from compressor

Hope this helps…


Great tutorial, Dave.
There aren’t many VST compressors that have side chain capability. Thankfully many of the built-in VSTs from Reaper are free and their compressor can do it: