VST audio mixer with per channel EQ?


I’m working on several songs that have many instruments in them, up to 12 apiece. Mixing these is kinda tricky, so I’m wondering, do any of you know of (preferably fee) VST plugins that function as multichannel audio mixers, with per channel EQ and that I could run within Cantabile? Does such a thing exist? I’ve spent several hours googling this but so far empty-handed. Anyone any clues?



Hi Tom,

Have you seen https://trello.com/c/DGprFYXz/408-mixer-panel and https://trello.com/c/SrNMMIsC/580-global-output-rack ?


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I’ve seen them just now :slight_smile: - thx for the hint!

I would expect basic EQ to be available on each channel, really…

Does that imply that this functionality as a VST does not exist?


I may be missing the point, but even though it’s not free, I believe Blue Cat vsts may do what I think you are asking. I use their Patchwork, and Mixers in some of my setups. Very low CPU load.

I was recently on a similar search, but then had a brain flash: couldn’t one just roll your own mixer by making a rack of however many copies of a simple (free) EQ VST and mix them by routing them all to the same output ?

@Corky I did find the BlueCat offering - but that’s a bit different from what I had in mind - it seems to split one channel into multiple ones that you then mix together?

@JimboKeys : yes what you suggest is definitely doable. Be it that that would mean loading 8 or so filter VSTs per song into Cantabile - I was hoping for something more compact. Come to think of it - the load of 8 filter VSTs is probably the same as the load of 8 filters in one vst … so perhaps your idea is the way to go …

Check out IIEQPro from ddmf.eu

It hast Multitrack Editing in one interface. Means that one eq plugin detects all loaded eq plugins within the session and you can edit them in one gui. you can even view the spectrum analysis of another eq while editing the eq.
i haven’t tested this in cantabile but had great results in cubase.

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Thanks for the hint. I’ve checked it.
Unfortunately one instance of IIEQPro shows ALL other instances of all songs inside a setlist.

You could try building your own mixer using Hi-Computer Chamelion software. This enables you to build a screen with knobs and sliders that transmit midi. Hook that up to an embedded rack with however many audio channels you need and an EQ vst per channel and there you go. A bit messy as Chamelion needs to run outside of Cantabile so would have to share screen space.