Vox Continental

Hi All,

What are your thoughts on good sounding Vox Continental instruments. I’m curious what is getting used and how good it sounds. And any good drawbar and switch setups! A lot of stuff I’ve heard seems thin. I use Super II by Acoustic Samples for the record but it doesn’t get the attention that B5 does lol…

Thanks for input!


Dave, rarely use one, but we had a guest on stage one night, Sam The Sham’s guitarist, played “Wooly Bully” and a few others. I pulled up Arturia’s Vox, and it sounded really good. It seems like I used one from Korg’s M1 before, but can’t confirm at this time.

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Xpand! has a convincing Vox, but most people don’t realize VB3 1.4 has some good sounding transistor organs built into it’s program. Just use the Hammond vibrato/chorus for fx.

Thanks I will check them both out!

In VB3, scroll to the bottom of the internal presets, they will be at the bottom.

I use Martinic’s Combo Model V which I think I got free 2 years ago. Have used it for B-52 covers, House of the Rising Sun, Wooly Bully etc.


Thanks Doug, I will check it out …

I think they pulled from being free to part of a pack.

Thanks Doug, So every one knows I looked around and they are still free on 3rd party sites but no longer at the Martinic site. They are encouraging their new Elka Panther as a transistor choice FWIW.


While prowling I got curious about Manzarek’s early years rig and found out he used a Gibson G-101 organ. I only found samples for it online but no VST plugin attempts.

It was designed and built by Lowrey and based on these 2 models with some custom added Gibson features added.

Lowrey’s own T-1 and T-2

Now I think I know why getting his sound has been hard, I’ve never loved my Doors patches. I always thought he was a VOX guy but not always, he apparently used this a lot during the big hit record section of their career with that Rhodes Bass Piano on top. Anyone ever play one of these?

You could bunk up on that big top of it that’s for sure … :grin:

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Same here - definitely a useful emulation. It’s not available from Martinic anymore, but here, you can still find it.


I agree, Martinic’s ComboV is really good, I can get pretty close to the sounds I need.

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I found a sample set of the G-101 online and created a Kontakt instrument which gets really close. Not the prettiest interface. If anyone is interested I’ll post a link to it.

Hey John,

If you liked the sound that is my interest and yes thank you much for the link!




Hope it works for you.

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Thanks John I will definitely check it out.


I’m not big into the Vox/Farfisa sound but over the last couple years I’ve been getting into the Rick Wright combo organ/Echorec pad sound. The Arturia combos do great for me but I probably wouldn’t have bought either one seperately. Otherwise, I’d probably just be using one of VB3’s combo organ “tonewheel” sets.


Ditto. I usually hate the transistor organ sound, but there is something special about a Farfisa through an Echorec and with Arturia Farfisa and the TT7E Echorec emulation pretty much nails the early Floyd sound to my ears. Now I only wish there is a chance of gigging again so I can do Echoes at least once! :slight_smile:

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My first electronic organ Yamaha A3

I had the jet black one when I played in a reggae band in Calgary in the 70’s, the band was from St.Louis but found a home there for a while. Great fun! I think it may have been Yamaha’s first portable pro organ. Truly had a unique sound and I put it through an MXR 90 phaser as I recall. I used Roland Space Echo RE-301 with mine and it was great. The only Hammond I touched back then was an M model home unit at my friends house. No drawbars, just buttons.