Volume level "jumps"?

So I ws at the gig last night and all my songs I had all the levels for multi instruments in songs all nicely leveled but somehow the other band guys were either playing more loudly or something else was happening.
So I needed to slightly tweak volume sliders on the Korg nankontrol.
BUT the volmes levels jumped to quite high (going from the preset level) and I had to quickly drop the fader and then re-adjust, which was pain to do and keep continuity with playing.

Can someone explain why these jumps happened and/or what can be done to avoid them?


Could it be that your volume slider was set quite high in comparison to the current volume level, and as soon as you touched it, the volume jumped up to that level?

You should use jump prevention in your bindings to avoid this. What then happens is that your volume remains constant when you move the slider, until the slider passes the current volume level, and then subsequently tracks it, so you never get jumps.



Thanks Neil, I’ll check that - afaik (laptop is packed away at the moment) that is already how it is setup. But worth checking :slight_smile:

hmmm, seems some ar and some are not…not sure how that happened haha! Fixing it now though :slight_smile:

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