Volume Issue with Cantabile Performer and External Synth


I’ve been using Cantabile Performer for a few months now. I use it to manage my set lists and to control 2 keyboards, a Yamaha MX61 and a Privia PX-5S. Local control off on both.

For the past few weeks or so, when I advance to the next song in the set list, the volume of the MX61 randomly comes in at about 1/10 of where it was on the previous song, but the PX-5S is where it should be and has never had this issue. The only way I can correct it is to reload the song (double click it again or use the foot pedal to reload the song). Then the MX61’s volume is back to where it should be. This doesn’t happen every time I advance to the next song, but it happens frequently (every 2 to 3 songs) and it’s completely random. While playing live, I find myself playing a note or two in between every song to see if I have full volume or not on the MX61.

I’m not sure if this is a Cantabile issue, but I’ll start here. Thanks!

Hey @Jim

Best bet would be to turn on MIDI logging and see if Cantabile is sending something to the keyboard that might cause it to adjust it’s volume. Go to Options -> Diagnostics and turn on Log MIDI Out Events. Reproduce the problem (or leave it on until it happens again). When it happens, from the Tools menu, choose Open Settings Folder and have a look in log.txt - it should show ever MIDI event sent and perhaps you can correlate that to a volume change.

PS: turn off the logging before performing live. Cantabile will hassle you about it being on each time you start up to remind you.


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Thanks very much Brad. That pointed me right to it. It was an erroneous routing that I had set up in the Background Rack, which is now deleted.

Thanks again!

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Great :+1: Glad you got it sorted.