Voicemeter mic input drops out for 1 second

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Hi there,

I am using a Blue yeti blackout microphone with Voicemeter banana.
Cantababile listens to the first input of Voicemeter to add some VST effects on the audio and then returns it back. Everything works fine but sometimes the input of my mic is gone for a second and then it comes back. It has nothing to do with the effects itself because you can see the input of the audio going down. There just comes nothing in for a brief second.
It is also not a problem with the mic itself because if don’t use cantabile, it all works fine.

I hope there is some fix for this. I really like the software.

Greetings Luka

Interesting. So, clearly you are using Voicemeeter’s inserts as I detail in my videos, with Cantabile connecting to Voicemeeter’s Virtual ASIO Inserts, and the mic coming into Voicemeeter is dropping out.

I take it the meters in Voicemeeter do not drop out when you observe this happening with the meters dropping out in Cantabile?

Do you by any chance have Voicemeeter’s Gate turned up a bit in the mic’s channel strip?


So the meters drop everywhere when cantabile is connected with Voicemeter. The gate in Voicemeter is on 0 but it seems more like an issues with no input coming from the microphone itself. Only this is not possible because everything works fine when cantabile is not opened.
Here is a screenshot from my settings & settup:

And yes I watched your tutorial, Configured ports also the same way as in your video.
Also I just changed the virtual cable to 48000 Hz. And double checked if everything else in the control panel is also on 48000 Hz. But problem is still the same.

Well after all I found out it was effect (VST) I was using.
I did still get input of the microphone. The output is shown on the left side. But on the right side I still could see an input coming in. I have a demo version of Deverberate and sometimes it blocks the audio for a second.


Some demos introduce short bursts of white noise, while other demos blank the audio at intervals. Glad you found it!!!