VoiceMeeter input issue

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I’ve been having issues with voicemeeter not picking up my system audio, I end up having to use the Aux Channel. Any solutions?

I’ve never seen that before - it is looks as if you had that playback or record device disabled in the Windows Audio control panel.

I’d write to Vincent and ask him after investigating your Windows Audio control panel settings first. vincent.burel@vb-audio.com


nothing is disabled and if I use it, all I hear are small very short blips of audio. Thank you anyway I’ll post here if I get a solution.

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One question I should have asked first - did you start Cantabile first, and THEN start Voicemeeter? That sequence seems to work the best. (I’m assuming you are using Voicemeeter with Cantabile here…)


To be completely honest, I don’t really know what Cantabile is, I just noticed that there were questions to do with Voicemeeter being answered on here

Definitely write the program’s author at the address I provided above - he is very responsive and willing to help.


Thank you so much, I did