VoiceFX plugin wont work?

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When i use this VST 3 Plugin https://blog.xaymar.com/voicefx/ cantabile either crashes or it doesn’t work produce any sound at all

i have the required dependency’s for it as it works it Element but not Cantabile

Hi Coco_Poops and Welcome!

Since this is not a mainstream Vst plugin you liked and from it’s description it was developed recently for later Win10 builds I think it should be referred to @brad the developer for evaluation. So when it crashes you should be able to do the automatic crash report upload of the log files to him. It would allow him to help out. Hope it gets resolved soon … :smiley:



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Hi @Coco_Poops

I’ve had a quick look at this but my current machine doesn’t meet the GPU requirements of the plugin so it correctly fails to load for me, as documented:

I’ve reached out the plugin developer will report back when I know more.

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Did anyone fix this? I cant get the plugin to even open/ display in cantabile? any idea why?
Error i get is: Value cannot be null, parameter name: input.


What works: VST2 Supporter Varinat of VoiceFX (for Discord Patrons) with 512 buffers and double buffering or 1024 single buffers.

What doesn’t work: Free VST3 variant. According to Xaymar the the VST3 expects AudioEffectProcessor->setBusArrangements to be called, which Cantabile doesn’t see to do.

This should be fixed in experimental build 3684.