Voice Allocator, am I using it correctly and have I found a bug?

I’ve set it up as a MIDI filter on the MIDI in port of an embedded rack.
Channel 1 sends to 1,2,3,4
I create 4 MIDI out ports for that rack.
Inside the rack I create 4 routes that send out the split channels.
Outside the rack I route it to the instruments.
In my case it’s 4 Chromaphone instances.

It works okish but I’m getting stuck notes.
I set up 4 MIDI monitors to look at the inputs to the instruments.
When I play a 5 note chord I get a hung note on the instrument that gets the 2 notes.

You can see that it seems to be sent a note off for a G3 instead of a D#3
Any ideas?

I made a quick test setup, I have the same observation, it seems that the auto-generated note-off is send on the new note, not the previous that should be cut off. So I am tempted to say ‘bug’.

If @brad tells us otherwise, i.e. that it works as intended, then it would be nice with a few screenshots showing where you added the Voice Allocator, and maybe also the filter settings for it.

Thanks for having a look.
It seems the only two places to add the filter is in the main route at the top of routing or as the filter to a MIDI input to a rack (more obscure).
Either way we’re going from one to many so using a rack is inevitable.
The only other way I can think is having the voice allocators behave like some vsts that have ‘telepathy’ in the sense that they are aware of other instances of themselves (eg. Klevgrand’s Gaffel). Then you could create as many routes in routing as you needed.
TBH hiding them in a rack seems a neater way.

Fully agree about hiding them, only thing was that I could not see the actual route you used. And I actually added another embedded rack within the first rack, just as a pass-through, to be the target for a route from the rack input, with the Voice Allocator. Then I could map the output to the for output channels. If you had a smarter way of doing it I was curious.

Thanks for reporting. Should be fixed in build 3699 available now.

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Also fixed in 4014

Thanks, all is good! (3699)