Vocoder to play Live

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can anyone recommend a VST Vocoder for performing live? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but every Vocoder I have found seems that I need to feed a pre-recorded track though it but I’ve never been able to get any of them to work live and of course setup in Cantabile. Any help?


I’ve not tried it live (yet) but MDA TalkBox is a very good sounding vocoder imo (if you feed in some white noise with the synth, apparently a common trick to add clarity to a vocoder). Plus its free. Waves OVOX is also a good one that offers a lot more possibilities. But its not free. I use both.

BTW, OVOX includes a stand-alone live version if that’s all you need.

Hi Sekim,

thanks for the tip. I will have a shot at making this work on Thursday when I’m in the rehearsal room.

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+1 for OVOX - it’s a great one and Cyber Monday’s $48 deal is still on (normally $149) - not sure how long it’s gonna last

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I also love Izotope VocalSynth 2

Melda’s vocoder also sounds quite good and offers a lot of control. When I was checking out vocoders it was at the top of the heap imo. The only reason I haven’t bought it is because I’m messing with OVox for stuff I’m working on, and the mda sounds as good as the Melda though extremely clunky to use with its lack of UI and the need to mix in noise (Melda has a knob for this).

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The MDA vocoder is 32 bit though, right? Or have I missed the 64 bit version somewhere?


They have 64 bit compiles on their site.

I should also add, that since the mda doesn’t offer any modifiers, it’s a one trick pony other than the synth sounds you feed it. But then there is no reason you can’t add other plugins to fill that gap.

Hi sekim,

I can only find 32 bit ones, do you have a link?



I don’t find them anymore anywhere…but they are open source and in the public domain, so here you go:

mda-vst-bin-win-64-2010-02-14.zip (3.1 MB)

Also, here is a good tutorial on using mda TalkBox (he even mentions using it live):

A little late to this but this is also out there …


Classic Korg EMU, donationware. I love this guy’s stuff, he makes a lot of useful plugs.



Thanks Sekim!


Wow. That guy is something. A lot of cool synths and some great demo tracks.

Arturia just announced their V collection 8, and it has a Vocoder.

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Hi Bartok2112,

I have been working with the Demo and I think this will be my solution. I have already dropped some serious coin with Arturia this year so i think I’ll need to wait until the Spring or next Fall when things go back on sale.