Vocal plugins in Cantable lite

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I am using 3 plugins for my vocals in cantabile, use in together with voicemeeter banana, to zoom meetings, only problem I have with cantabile, when I save the song, but open cantabile the next morning, and open the same song, my voice sound like n robot, them I press the power button on cantabile 3 times on and off, then my voice are okay with the plugins. Why are the software doing that.
Please help.



This is a known issue with VoiceMeeter.

In Cantabile options when a VoiceMeeter driver is selected you’ll notice this link which provides more information about this exact issue. See here.

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Hi, Brad

Thank you for the feedback.
Want to know if I can use cantabile lite alone in zoom, using my keyboard PLUG IN
Sample tank 4SE as piano.

Thank you.

I want to use Microphone plugins together with Piano plugin sample tank 4 , singing live on zoom.

Thank you.

When doing Zoom lessons, I use a Focusrite audio interface for my microphone. I load a saved zoom “song” in Cantabile, which hosts piano, organ, and e-piano. Voicemeeter Banana uses the Focusrite driver to mix Microphone, and Key VSTs. From there, Zoom uses the Voicemeeter output. Was not easy as a novice to wrap my mind around all this, but @terrybritton put me on the right path. Here are a couple of his excellent videos:




Thank you so must , will do some tests


Hi, I got the it right with cantabile , voice Metter banna and zoom.

Other thing is that I want to know is how to add my vocal and piano together in cantabile lite to sing and play together in cantabile.

thank you

HI, Corky

Thanks , Want to know how to add my microphone and piano on the same song in cantabile software, I am using Sample tank 4 for my piano plugin , and using Berringer Q502usb interface for my microphone to voice meter.

Thank you.

Hi Quinton

I understand you want to use effects on your vocal thru Cantabile. I’ve used Cantabile for vocals by creating audio ports within Cantabile, much the same as creating a midi port. I have not used this in the Banana, Zoom lesson. The problem I foresee is the vocal mixing in Banana. It is able to broadcast voice, but you do not broadcast voice to your personal headset, as the delay will drive you crazy. IF I get a chance to test it, I will get back to you, but it may be awhile as my schedule is packed this week.
By all means, test it on your own, and let me know how it works. It should work just like your piano. Very possibly, removing Banana and going straight into Zoom might work, but that is virgin territory for me.


Hi, Corky

I Tested it with my Piano and mic together in Cantabile , voice meter banana and zoom work 100%, even record my voice and piano at the same time in zoom meeting.

See my settings attached.

![Cantabile Settings.JPG 2|690x489]

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Zoom Audio Settings.JPG 3

That’s Great. Glad you were successful. You might want to set the sample rate to 44,000Hz, just to avoid spikes. 48,000 is usually reserved for recordings, and one normally can’t distinguish between the two. You are in a live setting, and Cantabile can spike with that setting, but it is really dependant on your computer, and the plugins you use.

Thank you.