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Good Day,
I have and combination of old and new gear, some use USB Midi and others use standard Din Midi.
My master keyboard has only a midi out and a USB ,it does not have a midi in (standard Din Midi connector) The Master RD88 keyboard feeds a Motu Midi Express XT USB that has 8 midi in and out’s and a USB computer connection .The Motu is used to connect all my vintage gear. I use Cantabile as a hub so as to have a midi in to the RD88 via usb. So that part is explained.
My problem is The Master RD88 keyboard can play VST plugins and control the Vintage gear but when using my vintage QX3 sequencer to play back a recording the RD88 will not receive midi data?
I have worked on this for a week and now I am thinking it might be time to get a master Keyboard that has a standard midi in !
Any help appreciated.

Hi Garry,

I assume the sequencer is connected to the Motu MIDI/USB hub both DIN MIDI In and Out so it does seem odd that Cantabile couldn’t route the MIDI out of the sequencer to the RD88. Is the connection of the sequencer as I assumed? You should be able to route it in Cantabile IMO. Can you show a screen shot of the routing you have tried in Cantabile? Also how do you currently have the sequencer wired to the outboard gear in the setup?