Video Recording Software for Webcam?

Can anyone recommend free or low cost video recording software for a webcam.?

I need to record video of me playing the keyboard for an online course.
(If possible with ASIO support)


I would recommend using the donationware Voicemeeter or Voicemeeter Pro “Banana” along with your DAW and Microphone. Voicemeeter has a “virtual ASIO” input which you would select from the DAW, but it outputs a WDM/KS Windows Audio stream you can use with Windows-based recorders and such. Just make Voicemeeter the default playback and recording device from the Windows Audio Control Panel.

This video shows doing it with Bandicam, but I do the same with both CamStudio and OBS which are free.

I have a ton of other videos on using Voicemeeter, including teaching/taking piano lessons via Skype or Hangouts-On-Air. See here for my playlist.