Very Strange C3 Issue at Gig last night

I am still using 3289 on this particular laptop. I played a tune with a grand piano on my main keyboard. Switched to next song which had a Rhodes piano on that keyboard, but it sounded like a grand. Switched to the next song which had a Wurly on the main key, but it again sounded like a grand mixed with a Wurly. My electric racks do not have a grand within the rack. For some reason, the grand rack never “unloaded”, even though the songs and song states switched perfectly well. Nothing crashed, but I asked a band member to stall, and I turned the C3 power button off, then back on. Nothing changed, so I shut C3 down, brought it back up with preloading, and everything was back to normal. I never experienced this before.

I’d be interested in what happens if you load that same set again and step through it. Can you make it happen again?

Dunno…Good idea tho. I will give it a shot and give a shout back.

Hrm… very weird.

I can’t think of an explanation for that especially if power cycling Cantabile didn’t fix it. Even if the plugin was left loaded, the MIDI routes feeding it should have been blocked and then disconnected when the song switch happened and definitely when the audio engine was shutdown.

If it happens again or if you can manage to reproduce it go to Options -> Diagnostics and turn on Log VST MIDI Events and then play some notes. If the events show up going to the grand plugin then definitely something isn’t getting shutdown correctly and please send me the log and I’ll try to back track what happened.


Thanks Brad. Been trying to reproduce it for an hour now…no go yet. I am on ready for Log VST MIDI Events .

These things are sent to try us. As systems get more complicated, hardware, software, stuff starts to happen occasionally. It’s called Emergent Behavior or Emergence. From a programming point of view we use special tools and techniques to forestall it but it still pops up occasionally.
It drives the Boeing guys nuts.

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